Quiver in Kindergarten

Quiver formerly colAR

Quiver (formerly colAR), is one of the better AR apps I have used in recent times.  I decided to use this app with a Pre-First Grade Group (5-6 year-olds), but it wasn't before long, the three-year-olds were fascinated by what was going on and joined in!

What was going on?
Our 2D drawing was coming alive!

#Fireworks! #Fire Engines! #Birds!

Used in Kindergarten, to show how colouring within the lines can impact on the visual effects of their creation.  The possibilities are endless! I am already planning to use this app with grades 5 and 6, to show how Augmented Reality enhances the written quality of students' work.

Check out the official trailer and a video collection of Seisen's experience with Quiver!

Quiver in Kindergarten made using Flipagram!

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