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What Happened When I Asked My Class to Google Me!?

Well, I have just finished another set of lessons, and in this latest cycle, I have worked with Ms Carnright, ES School Counsellor, and our ...


I would like to introduce myself as the Technology Integration Specialist for the kindergarten and elementary school. When not teaching, I can be found in the  Seisen International School, Elementary School Media Centre.

This blog is to facilitate communication with parents with regards to what their children are learning here at Seisen. In addition, it is designed to help fellow colleagues and educational professionals browse, review and access educational apps.

When using an app during an ICT or classroom lesson, I will write a blog post about its use with guidance and recommendations, to include how to download the app to your own device.

While technology integration, such as the use of an iPad, does not have a direct effect on student achievement, if used effectively and with a purpose, it will almost certainly have an impact, as with any teaching and learning tool. I am keen to express that it should only be utilized when it can enhance standards and in conjunction with direct teaching.

If you are interested opportunities to collaborate, tweet or email me.


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